What We Believe

Be in the Word

We believe personally the good news of the forgiveness of our sin through the life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and joyfully apply this Gospel message to our daily life. The study of the Holy Scriptures is a high priority for us personally, for our families, for our congregations, for our districts and for our Synod. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we grow as partners who support this vision statement for our Synod.

Care for One Another

We reflect the love of Christ in our lives as we care and show concern for those around us. In response to the Gospel, our congregations extend care and compassion to hurting people, caring for their spiritual needs and for their physical needs. Our congregations are sensitive to the diversity of cultures and the variety of needs among their own membership and among the unchurched in their communities. Our congregations, districts and Synod work together to equip professional church workers and lay members to meet the challenges and opportunities for service to God in the 21st century.

Share Christ with Others

More people in our communities, our nation and throughout the world are drawn by the Holy Spirit to believe that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, is their only savior from sin and their only hope for eternal life with God. Our congregations reach out boldly with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their communities, inviting others into their midst in order to receive the grace of God through Word and Sacrament. Our congregations, by God’s grace and blessing, experience numerical growth. Our congregations and districts work together to bring the Gospel message to more and more people throughout the United States across a wide variety of cultures.

Remain Faithful

We prize highly that which we as an Missouri Synod Lutheran church believe, teach and confess. We provide a bold witness to our Scriptural and Confessional faith, in both word and deed. Our congregations are genuinely Gospel-centered, Word and Sacrament based, communities of faith. The goals and priorities of our congregations, districts, and Synod flow from and are shaped by the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions.

Live in Peace

We build and strengthen the bond of peace and unity among us and by the grace of God overcome divisions, acknowledge legitimate differences and eliminate roadblocks to the work of the Holy Spirit. We as families, congregations, districts and as a Synod joyfully trust and support one another in our common mission and ministry.