Celebrate 75 years

From the Council of Ministries:

All of us love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it is one of the things that makes Pilgrim a special place to worship and serve.    There is also a significant amount of volunteer work occurring in our church and school and we all need to cheerfully thank one another when we see each other in and around the church and school. Take the time, hug a Pilgrim member.  As we look to our past 75 years, we can see the monumental changes that have taken place.  WWII, the war was raging and we as a nation stood alone with Great Britain (the alliance with the Soviet Union was more of a shotgun wedding, not a true alliance).   We truly did not know if we would win or lose the war.  My mother told me this, even though it looked grim, in the back of everyone’s mind, we knew the United States was a Christian Nation, so was Britain and with God on our side, we could not, would not ever to lose the war and we and our friends across the Atlantic won the big war.  After the war, the GIs came home, the church grew, the Post WWII baby boom started, new homes, new cars.  Americans were ready for fun.  Then came the Korean war, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, the forever war against Islamic terrorism.  But we also had cars that gave up the ghost at 40,000 miles…now you can 240,000 miles out of one.  Dial phones with AT&T (I do miss Ma Bell) to smart phones, no internet to a future new super internet on the horizon.  Radio, to TV, to color TV, to giant color TVs with no tubes!  Moon is made out of cheese to Neil Armstrong stepping foot on the moon.  Pilgrim went from old town Bellevue to our new building where we currently worship.  With all this change, I believe we can all agree that one thing is guaranteed, more change, lots of it.  We must be ready to accept and embrace change.   What will not change?  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He has been our champion for over 2000 years!  He is always faithful, always there for us, always our friend, while still being a stern parent at the same time.  A life in Jesus Christ is not easy.  He told us people will hate you because of me.   He also said I am the way the truth and the life.  Those who believe in me will have eternal life.  What a promise!   Eternity is long time my Christian friends.  As we celebrate 75 years, lets really celebrate Jesus Christ.  It is all about him, not us.

In Christs name,

Your Council of Ministries